Airplane Novels for Opera Lovers

“Novels and opera are like sisters. They love each other, they feed each other, they grow together.” – Antonio Skarmeta

I love to read and I love to travel.  So I need a large selection of airplane novels. I’m always looking for my next “good read.” And some of my favorite stories are about traveling opera singers!

It’s not that I’m obsessed with opera. (Well, not much.) But novels about opera usually have that intoxicating mix of glamor, romance, history, intrigue, and European locations. They are usually self-indulgent without being cheap and superficial. So if you’re looking for an operatic airplane novel, you’ve come to the right blog.

But what are the best novels about opera? This has been a popular discussion on my Facebook page. My friends and fans always have the best suggestions. Here are some of their top picks. Just click on the picture for more info:

If you love your Kindle as much as I do, you’ll be pleased to see that most of these are available for instant download.

Have I missed any great books? Let me know!  Happy reading.


4 thoughts on “Airplane Novels for Opera Lovers

  1. I recently published my first novel, THE SUMMER OF THE ROSENKAVALIER, a satire about the opera world. It is available as a FREE EBOOK August 30 and 31, September 14, and October 19.
    Otherwise it sells as a Kindle $0.99 and paperback $8.78
    Blurb: THE SUMMER OF THE ROSENKAVALIER follows the career of opera singer, Anna Trent, from her garage band days in 1960’s Kansas to the present day opera stages of Europe; and the humorous escapades of the Trent entourage: her philandering English husband, her neglected daughter, a devious au pair, feuding international colleagues and the young American conductor with whom she is conducting her first guilty affair.
    Carole Kulikowski

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