Happy Birthday, Maestro Verdi!

gjO0okHow would you like to spend your 200th birthday?

Have you made any plans? Because time passes quickly, and your bicentennial might just sneak up on you.

Giuseppe Verdi is 200 years old TODAY! (Or maybe tomorrow.)

His baptismal certificate is not completely clear. He was either born on October 9, 1813 or on October 10, 1813.  Just to be safe, I think we should celebrate all week long.

After all, Verdi was one of the greatest opera composers of all time.  He deserves a really fabulous birthday party.

So I have developed my own live show called VERDI HEROINES.  It’s quick romp through Verdi’s own dramatic life, punctuated by soprano arias from his best-loved operas. Just yesterday, I got to celebrate Verdi’s 200th birthday by singing “Verdi Heroines” for the South Bay branch of the Music Teacher’s Association of California, where I had the luxury of a very fine accompanist, Tomoko Ariyuki. If you’re in Southern California, please contact me (lindsay@lindsayfeldmeth.com) for more information about how to book my VERDI HEROINES concert for your private event. 9RJhKr

So how well do you know your Verdi? Operavore has provided this VERDI QUIZ to find out. If you were at my show yesterday, I really hope you get a good score.

Of course, there are many ways to celebrate Verdi this week. Gala events are cropping up all over the globe.  Here are some ways you can join the party, wherever you are in the world:


New York, NY ~ you can pre-buy tickets for the Met’s new production of Falstaff in December, but if you’re looking for a Verdi party in October, visit The New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble as they join with the Arcadian Chorale of Matawan to present Verdi’s Requiem on October 19.

Sarasota, FL ~ Sarasota Opera has a genuine commitment to Verdi.  They want to become the first opera house in the world to perform the complete works of Verdi! And they are on track to finish their Verdi Cycle by 2016. The company that calls itself “Verdi’s American Home” will be hosting a big birthday party on 10/10/13.


Copenhagen, Denmark ~ live stream Verdi’s Requiem from the Danish Radio Concert Hall on 10/13

Milan, Italy ~ Teatro alla Scala: get your tickets here for Don Carlo or Aida

Vienna, Austria ~ Staatsoper: click here for the Verdi Gala conducted by Daniele Gatti


Pretoria, South Africa ~ Come to a Verdi Gala on 10/11 or 10/13 at Linder Auditorium


Singapore ~ Enjoy a Verdi Gala on the waterfront at Theatres on the Bay, October 24


Buenos Aires, Argentina ~ Order your tix now for Teatro Colón’s December production of Un Ballo in Maschera


Melbourne ~ Attend La Traviata at Monash Uni on Friday night

Buon compleanno, maestro! Viva Verdi!


Outdoor Opera

Opera doesn’t only happen in opera houses.

Don’t get me wrong — I love opera houses.  When I lived in Italy, I embarked upon my own personal “Opera House Tour,” visiting famous opera houses from Milan to Palermo. I have nothing against sweeping staircases, painted ceilings, gilded ornamentation, glittering chandeliers and plush velvet seats. The acoustics in many opera houses are wonderful. And there is a special joy in singing to a house full of opera lovers!

But opera is a thriving and dynamic art form; it cannot be contained! People are singing opera everywhere these days: on lakes, in parking garages, and in Swedish living rooms. Travis Pratt even sings Rossini in elevators.

Personally, I love to sing outdoors. Some of my favorite concerts have been outside: on a Hawaiian beach, in a friend’s backyard, in the middle of the Sequoia National Forest, and in the courtyard of an ancient museum in Nepal.  I occasionally sing while kayaking and parasailing.

For me, there is something thrilling about singing to the ocean.  Last week, I went beach camping with my family near Santa Barbara.  It was a wonderful vacation, but I didn’t really have anywhere to sing.  So one afternoon, I hiked up on a a little cliff and sang Gershwin to the sea: “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…” It felt great to sing in the open air.  And at the end of my aria, I was rewarded with applause from the beach below! My audience consisted of 1 snorkeler, 2 kayakers,  a few hikers, and several seagulls.  Spontaneous concerts can be fun.

Opera is everywhere. 🙂

Upcoming Concert in L.A.!

Please join me on Sunday, May 13th at 4 PM at the First Presbyterian Church of San Pedro for a springtime concert.

There will be some fun surprises, including special guests and exciting music. It’s Mother’s Day, so treat your mom to something special, a bouquet of MUSIC AND ROSES!!!

Our festival of spring will include a wide variety of songs, arias, opera scenes and concert pieces. Works by Puccini, Verdi, Schubert, Bartok and more! At the piano, you’ll experience the award-winning Romanian pianist Bogdan Dulu!

Don’t miss this! Meet us on Sunday, May 13 at 4 PM at:

First Presbyterian Church of San Pedro, 731 S. Averill Avenue, San Pedro, California. Admission is free. Donations will benefit the church music program.