The Hanging Jewelry Box

My favorite jewelry box is a miniature mahogany wardrobe that I picked up at a street market in Bangkok. The bejeweled doors and secret compartments make me feel like a Thai princess whenever I touch it. The wood shrinks and swells, and I have to open the drawers ever so slowly, so as not to disturb the tiny jade tiger who sits on the top of the box with his teeth bared. I carried this treasure across the Pacific in my lap, but it is far too fragile to come with me every time I board a plane.


When I travel, I use a hanging jewelry organizer instead. It is simple and functional and I got it on Amazon for just $7.42!

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Obviously, this is not appropriate for your most delicate jewelry.  That diamond necklace will need its own cushioned box!

But a hanging organizer is perfect for the traveling diva on a budget, who needs to  pack her cache of costume jewels without adding too much bulk to her luggage.

My own “hanging jewelry box” has 37 zippered compartments.  Never get an organizer without zippers – even sparkly objects tend to shift during flight!