Divaesque Passport Cover

Passport covers just don’t get better than this.  A durable leather wallet with the words “jet setting diva” in sparkling turquoise letters! Those of you who read my post, “My Life in Passport Photos,” know that I was jealous of my friend Mirva‘s pink “Jet Setting Diva” passport cover.  So I got one of my own.

But these passport covers by Sicura are hard to find! I lost a bid for one on eBay and I had to wait weeks for this one to arrive. It also came with luggage tags that say, “too big to carry on” and “weekend wardrobe inside.”


My new passport cover made its maiden voyage to Europe two weeks ago.  I was curious to know how customs officials and airport personnel would react.

My first passport control official was very serious and stern.  Could I make him smile?  As I handed him my passport, he glanced at the cover, raised his eyebrows and scanned the passport. I waited in silence. Then as he was handing it back, he said reluctantly, “nice cover.”  (Victory!)

The next day, as I boarded a plane in London, a lady behind me admitted that her daughter would love to have one just like it.

But the best reaction ever was from a German passport control officer in Frankfurt, who asked: “are you military personnel?”  Um… no.  (?!?)

Finally, when I arrived home at LAX, the customs official got all excited:

CUSTOMS OFFICER: Jet setting diva? Whoa! What kind of work do you do?

ME: I’m an opera singer.


So it’s official.  Having a cool passport cover will make your voyage that much more fun. I highly recommend it.



6 thoughts on “Divaesque Passport Cover

  1. Yeeeyyy!!! Congratzz on finally getting ahold of this elusive passport cover! My luggage tags say “Hands off my bag” and something equally bratty… must be the pink color, hah. I actually just picked up my duplicate passport (I’ve now got two Finnish passports in case I need to travel to countries that don’t like seeing each other’s stamps in the same passport…), so now I’ll need another Diva cover too! I wonder if I’ll ever be able to locate one since it seems like it’s quite the challenge… I was lucky to get mine as a present. 🙂

    • That’s so cool. Just needing two passports makes it sound like you’re in a James Bond film. I love it! I’ll let you know if I see another of these jet-setting gems on the market! 😉

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