My Favorite Room

Do you have a favorite room?  A favorite place?  A favorite opera house?  (Come on, you’ve gotta have a favorite opera house. )  If so, I have just the aria for you.

Photo of Paris Opera found at

A couple of weeks ago, I made a brand new recording of “Dich teure Halle” from Tannhäuser by Richard Wagner.

This is the moment in the opera where Elisabeth bursts into the Hall of Song, overjoyed by the fact that her beloved Tannhäuser is returning to her. She knows he’ll come to the Hall of Song, so she runs in and cries out “Hello, dear room!”

So it’s a love song… to a room. Pretty cool, right? I think so, too. And he music is very exciting:

Here is my translation of the German text:

You, dear hall, I greet you once again,
joyfully I greet you, beloved room!
In you his songs came alive
and wake me now from troubled dreams.
When he departed from here,
how bleak you seemed to me!
All the peace abandoned me,
all the joy went out of you.
How my heart now beats in my chest,
you look so proud and sublime.
He who brings life both to you and to me,
he will not stay away for long.
I greet you, I greet you
You precious hall,
I hail you!

So, the next time you walk into your favorite room, try singing this song.  And if you desperately need some more music right now, you can find more of my videos and audio recordings HERE!   Have a great day, everyone.


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